Practice Nurses

Lisa Callaghan

RGN (Sheffield 2000)

Head of Nursing Royal Primary Care, Lead Nurse for Royal Primary Care Chesterfield.

I graduated from The University of Sheffield in 2000. I began my career in secondary care at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, working in a variety of clinical settings; these include A/E, Rheumatology, Vascular, Respiratory, Endocrinology and Cardiology. I became a ward sister in 2004. In 2009 I moved to general practice and took on the role of Practice Nurse at a very busy village surgery in Chesterfield, I loved it from day one. Patient care is my top priority, the biggest draw for me in primary care is the time and level of patient care that I can provide.

I graduated from the University Of Derby as an Independent Nurse Prescriber in 2016 and use this qualification enormously to the benefit of my patients and my colleagues.

I joined the excellent team at Royal Primary Care in January 2018 and was appointed as Head of Nursing in April 2018.

Lisa Farlin

I am a Registered General Nurse. I qualified in 1999 from Barbados Community College. My post grad experience includes, Paediatrics including PICU,General Surgery and Medicine. In 2002 I did my Theatre Practitioner qualification and gained First assistant to the Surgeon with additional Skills in 2006.

I am passionate about the nursing profession and I became a qualified mentor to students in 2006. I am also very passionate about providing Quality care to patients and thus I trained in Infection prevention and Control in 2010, this led to additional training in Incident reporting and Risk assessments.

In 2016 I trained to be a Practice Nurse and I am competent in all proficiencies of the role, e.g. cervical smears, LTC management, Contraception and All Immunisations.

I currently have a special interest in Diabetes Management, Respiratory management and Health and Social care Leadership.

I am passionate about safe patient care and health promotions that will enable my patients to live a high quality lifestyle.

Lorraine Rimington

Completed Registered General Nurse training with North Derbyshire School of Nursing in July 1990

Worked in theatre recovery and Trauma Orthopaedics as a staff nurse

Worked on nights covering medical, surgical, orthopaedic , care of Elderly wards plus Coronary Care and A+E

Became a Practice Nurse in July 1996 at High Street Medical Centre, which moved to Rectory Road in 2001

Completed diplomas in diabetes, asthma, allergy care, contraception and sexual health, cervical screening

Completed diabetes Merit course for initiating insulin

Completed immunisation training

Qualified as a non-medical Independent prescriber in 2017

Currently working between Rectory Road and Inkersall surgeries, plus Saturday mornings at Grange

Monika Sciog

I qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1999 at Medical School in Poland. I began my nursing career in primary care sharing my duties as Practice Nurse and Community Nurse for 7 years.

Moving to England was one of my life big challenges. After few years, working in care sector, looking after people with dementia and learning disabilities, I decided to come back into the nursing and finished in 2013 Back to Nursing module at the University of Nottingham.

Working as a Staff Nurse I successfully completed qualification in mentorship in 2016 from The University of Derby. In 2018 I attended De Montfort University to study for a degree in Practice nursing.  I gained knowledge and competency in Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, Hypertension, Travel Health, Child and Adult Immunisation, Cervical Screening, Contraception and Anti-Coagulation treatment.

I have special interest in the management of diabetes. Recently I was given the opportunity to work alongside the specialist diabetes nurse to burden my knowledge and experience. I hope to undertake further studies and provide to my patient high quality care as a Specialist Diabetes Nurse.

Clare Marven

I began my nurse training in 2008 at Derby University. On qualifying in 2011, I went into a dementia specialist nursing home, were I also worked as a care assistant for many years. I was offered a staff nurse position at Chesterfield Royal Hospital on qualifying but I felt that the hospital environment was not were I wanted to be.

In 2016 I was given the opportunity to train to become a practice nurse. During this time I gained experience in cervical cytology, Immunisations, long term conditions and anticoagulation monitoring and also improved on my time management and people skills.

During the last few years I have been a volunteer for Chesterfield Police and have also spent some time with the East Midlands ambulance Service allowing me to gain insight into how emergency situations are dealt with effectively.

In 2017 I was given the opportunity to join the Royal Primary Care team and haven't looked back. I am now looking to the future within the RPC and am interested in becoming a nurse prescriber and to become more specialised in long term conditions.

Hayley Burke

I completed my Nursing degree with the University of Derby in 2015.

I started my Nursing career within a District nursing team and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience including diabetic care, wound management and end of life care.

I am very passionate about nursing and enjoy teaching and supporting others and completed my mentorship course in 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a Community nurse however Practice nursing was always a great interest to me.

This year I was lucky enough to join the team at Royal Primary care as a Practice Nurse.

I have a keen interest in Diabetes and Women's Health and will be undertaking further studies in the near future to maximise my knowledge and be able to give the best care to my patients.

Tara Elsmore

After 6 years working within the care industry I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study at the University of Derby to become a nurse, where I qualified with a first class honours degree.

Although I knew practice nursing was a huge interest of mine, I started my nursing career by gaining acute experience at Chesterfield Royal Hospital within Critical Care. It was vital I was able to adapt to the needs of each individual patient as the scope of illness here was wide and varied. As a result I learnt so much about the anatomy and physiology of the body.

This year was the start of my exciting new adventure as a Practice Nurse within Royal Primary Care. I am also currently studying at De Montfort University doing my Practice Nurse Degree at Masters Level, from which I'm gaining a wealth of knowledge.

I have a keen interest in asthma management and women's health, and hope to peruse further academic studies in these subjects in the near future to maximise my knowledge and understanding for the benefit of our patients.

Michelle Franklin

RN 2010

Advanced Diploma in Nursing Studies (Adult) 2010 BA (Hons) Professional Practice (Adult Nursing) 2011 Independent Nurse Prescriber 2018 all Sheffield Hallam University. PG Cert Practice Nursing 2020 DeMontfort University

Works Monday - Friday at Grangewood

Before training to be a registered nurse I worked providing home care in the community for a short while before moving to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield to work as a Health Care Assistant on a busy surgical ward. It was doing this that inspired me to do my nurse training and I qualified as an adult nurse in 2010. I therefore have 16 years of experience working in the healthcare sector. Upon qualifying I obtained a staff nurse post on the inpatient renal unit at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield where I worked for 9 years in total looking after patients with acute and chronic kidney disease needing dialysis treatment. I worked 6 months at Nottingham City Hospital as a deputy ward sister on their renal ward before coming back to Sheffield and promoted to sister on the outpatient dialysis unit. I worked here and on the inpatient ward as a ward sister for 2 years before making the move to primary care in 2019. This post has given me extensive experience in chronic kidney disease and nephrology, a speciality I am still greatly interested in, along with lots of other conditions that are involved in the management of renal disease, such as diabetes and hypertension management.

I was lucky enough to do my independent nurse prescribing qualification at Masters level in 2018.

I made the move to primary care in 2019 for a new challenge in my career and an opportunity to use my prescribing qualification to a greater extent and broaden my knowledge. I have just passed the PG Cert in Practice Nursing which has given me a great foundation of primary care knowledge along with the new skills I need for this role such a cervical screening and vaccinations/immunisations.

Loren Sharp

Lead Nurse at Royal Primary Care North-West

Works Monday - Friday at Ashgate, Holme Hall and Whittington

I completed my nurse training with Derby University in 2013, where I started my nursing journey on an acute respiratory medical ward at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. I gained a lot of medical experience during my time on this ward such as; emergency care, managing chronic respiratory patients and other co-morbidities, Non- invasive ventilation and blood gas monitoring, end of life care and supporting patients and families during their most vulnerable times. In 2016 I was ready for a new challenge where I applied for a job in Primary Care and became a Practice Nurse. I completed the DMU Practice Nurse Degree alongside the Cytology course in 2017 and since then I have completed the COPD Diploma. Since merging with RPC I have recently been appointed the Lead Nurse role at North West.

I have a specific interest in Respiratory as this is my background; I enjoy my role in supporting patients to manage their long term conditions, cytology, immunisations and contraception are also areas of interest. The beauty of Practice Nursing is the level of care you can provide for your patients on a 1:1 basis and the rapport you can build with them during their consultations. I currently work at Holmehall, Whittington and Ashgate surgeries Monday-Friday and I have a non-clinical day on Wednesdays. I continue to learn new areas within my role and I am passionate about safe patient care and a great level of team work.