Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

Some services provided are not covered under our contract with the NHS and therefore attract charges. Please note, these services are completed outside of NHS hours and there is a lead time of 4-6 weeks for this work to be completed, so please ensure plenty of notice is given before the date required.

Examples include the following:

  • Medicals for pre-employment and sport (Diving and Parachuting medicals etc.)
  • Insurance claim forms
  • Prescriptions for taking medication abroad
  • Private sick notes
  • Vaccination certificates

The fees charged are based on the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested scales and can be found below

General Private Work

Appointment (Private) £30.00 per 10 mins
Blood Test (Private) £36.00
Confirmation of Fitness for Letter (i.e. education , travel work etc) £25.00
Form Requiring Brief Record Review £30.00
Court Protection £132.00 + VAT
Employment Report £117.00
Gender Recongnation Report £80.00
Health Declaration (Ofsted) £100.00
Power of Attorney £130.00 +VAT
Prescription (Private) £30.00
Private Medical Form (Bupa , Westfield etc) £30.00
Private Letter £15.00
Sick Note (Private) £30.00
Short/Straight Forward Statement of Fact £15.00
Insurance Claim Form £30.00/£70.00
Travel/Holiday Cancellation Form £25.00
Housing Forms (Chesterfield Bourgh Council) £30.00
DWP (PIP) £30.00 + VAT


Medical Reports

Medical Report with Examination £150.00
DVLA MEDICAL (Paid by Patient) £150.00
DVLA Questionnaire £85.00 + VAT
Written Medical Report (No Examination) £120.00
Medical Report on Proforma £85.00
Army Medical (Health Declaration) £65.00 + VAT
Army Medical Medical Records £50.00
Fostering/Adoption Medical £84.50
GPR Reports Per Form
Solicitors Report (Full) £50.00
Solicitors Report (Part) £25.00